List of Riddles to make your child education interesting

List of Riddles to make your child education interesting

Best and incredible riddles for the kids that you can consider

Before moving to the list of riddles, it is quite important to know the meaning of riddles. Not all the parents are aware about the definition of riddles. However, it is easy to understand. The riddles are considered as the fun kind of brain teaser which consists of the tricky yet interesting questions.

While solving the riddles, children have to think out of the box. It is because some of the riddles have double meaning. So kids have to focus deeply on understanding all the meanings of riddles and to get the answer to them. Even solving the riddles is the best leisure time activity that you can easily do with your children.

All you need to do is write the riddle on the paper and give them. After that, ask them to solve the riddle in the specific time. You can give them the hint. It is basically your choice whether you want to give them a hint or not. In addition to it, here is the list of riddles which are best for your child.

  • You can touch me, but I cannot touch you back. One can see me, but I will only reflect you. I will never reject you. Think about what I am?

Answer- The answer of this riddle is “mirror”.

You easily give them the hint of the word “reflect” about the riddle. You can ask for the meaning of reflection in this riddle.

  • I can travel at about 100 miles per sixty minutes, but never leave the room. One can cover me up but never slow me down. You will not have any idea whether I come only once or again and again. Tell me what am I?

Answer- The answer is “Sneeze”.

It is quite a puzzling riddle but your child will surely solve it with the help of your hints. Do not discourage them, if they do not solve them. All you need to do is encourage them to solve the next riddle.

  • People have stepped on me but not many. I never stay full for long. Even, I have a dark side. So tell me what am I?

Answer- The answer of this riddle is “Moon”.

With the help of this riddle, you can explain to your child about the several facts of the moon.

  • I am always running, but never get either hot or tired. What am I?

Answer- The answer of this interesting riddle is “The refrigerator”.

As it is a double meaning riddle, so your child faces the problem and confusion in solving this riddle. But in the end, he will surely solve it.

In the end, some of the riddles will give deep knowledge to your child. For instance when the answer of riddle is moon then you can teach your kid about the moon and so on.

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