List of healthy and amazing summer drinks for kids

summer drinks for kids

Healthier and Incredible summer drinks to keep child hydrated

The scorching of heat, hottest weather and holidays may be the clear definition of summer. In this season, the major of focus of the parents is one how to keep their child hydrated? All you can do is add the sufficient amount of liquid in the diet of your kid.

The kids are so small that they cannot differentiate between right and wrong things. Due to it, parents should have to take care of it. So, you can try some prominent summer drinks. These sorts of drinks are ideal for children especially in the summer time. Here is the list of some prominent summer drinks.

  • Lemonade

The lemonade is prominent drink in the summer time which energized your child. In addition to it, it is not difficult to make the lemonade. So, instead of cod drinks give lemonade to them.

  • Strawberry Milkshake

The strawberry milkshake is not only the favorite shake of child but also loved by adults too. Blend the strawberries further add the cup of milk and sugar in it. The strawberry shake is ready to serve. You have the option of adding the scoop of ice cream on it for adding the extra taste.

  • Mango Iced Tea

If you are looking for the refreshing drink then mango iced tea is an ideal choice. It is a blend of the mango puree and tea. Both of these ingredients are the favorite of kids. So, check the recipe of mango iced tea and serve to your child.

  • Lassi

You have the two options when it comes to the Lassi. These two options include sweet lassi and salted lassi. In the summer add this in your child’s food chart. What you need is yogurt, water, either salt or sugar. In addition to it, you can add the black pepper, coriander leaves, and ginger juice in the salted lassi.

  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies

When you search about the smoothies then you will get the numerous options regarding this treat. You can consider the watermelon smoothie for adding the refreshing. In addition to it, you also have the option of the peanut butter banana smoothie.

This smoothie is a combination of honey, peanut butter, and banana. So, you can also prepare this smoothie for your kids.

  • Mango Shake

Like Strawberries shake, mango shake is also a favorite summer drink of child. You do not need to spend hour on making the mango shake. It is easy to make. In addition to it, you can also add the nuts, ice cream, and fresh cream in it.

In the end, you can consider these shakes or drinks for your child during the summer time. All of these are the best and tasty. Your child will loved it for sure.

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